We Build Teams That Invent the Future

We are an executive search and technology company. We specialize in the discovery and placement of senior leaders in the life sciences and technology industries.

From developing life-changing drugs to curing rare diseases to revolutionizing agriculture, our clients are changing the world in a big way.

We help them hire the people who catalyze what’s next—executives with vision, with purpose, and with gumption.

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We’re Reimagining Executive Search

You’re creating the most important breakthroughs of the 21st century, and with that come countless variables that seem out of your control: scientific uncertainty, technology uncertainty, regulatory uncertainty, market uncertainty.

Executive uncertainty does not have to be an uncontrollable variable.

As veterans of the life sciences and technology industries, we have extensive experience recruiting and building winning teams. We’ve studied what made them successful so that you can avoid costly missteps and hire leaders who will transform your company—and the world—in incredible ways.

You’re on a mission to change the status quo, and so are we. Though we may not work in the lab with your team, your ambitions inspire us, and we want to match you with leaders who will remove the barriers to invention and growth.

How we match you with those leaders is what sets us apart.

How Do We Do It?

In short, we’ve combined the art and the science of executive search.

The art: Each of our executive search consultants draws on over 20 years of experience in the life sciences and technology industries. They have seen how the best companies transform industries and enrich lives, and they want to help you do the same.

The science: You wouldn’t conduct an important experiment without structure and data to support your process.

The same should be true of your executive search. That’s why we built Exploration, a technology platform that uses data science to help shape and optimize the talent acquisition lifecycle, and we’re the only ones doing it.

Step 1

Build a Deep Understanding of Your Cultural Texture

You will hear us repeatedly say that it is all about the culture. Don’t worry, we still care about resumes and qualifications, but we believe that culture is just as important as skills and experience.

A lack of skills isn’t what’s causing new hires to fail. Right now, a lack of cultural fit is responsible for up to 68% of new hire failures at senior leadership levels.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We believe that you can hire executives who will be catalysts for long-term change if we take the time to research, and understand your organizational culture through surveys and observation.

Learn more.

Step 2

Assess Your Company’s Readiness

Our data-driven insights are more than a series of pie charts. They draw on the collective intelligence of your organization to offer crucial recommendations for your company.

For example, our platform can identify any misalignment within your organization regarding the role and expectations of the new executive—a major warning sign for executive candidates. Our team works with key stakeholders to create alignment and set the search committee up for success.

Step 3

Identify Essential Job Requirements

We don’t rely on the loudest voice in the room, nor do we compile everyone’s feedback into a monstrous job description. Instead, we take a data-driven approach that helps you identify and rank the essential criteria for the role.

As we’ve said before, it’s all about culture. So, in addition to looking for proven track records and skill requirements, we pay close attention to the soft skills that set executives apart. Our insights, for example, help you identify and hire for common traits of leaders who positively impact your company.

Step 4

Create a Strong Candidate Pool

We use the insights from our on-site visits and surveys to find a small group of candidates who not only possess the required skills but also have a clear understanding of how they can make a long-term impact at your company.

With decades of experience, our executive search consultants have deep connections in the life sciences and technology industries and can connect you with the best candidates.

Step 5

Set Your New Executive Up for Success

Our definition of success is contingent on your new executive’s long-term success. You do what many people thought was impossible, and that takes time. No company can be successful if new executives are quick to depart.

Our Exploration platform offers new executives insights about job expectations and the company’s culture so that they thrive in their new position. Plus, our executive search consultants continue to check in on the new leader’s progress—long after the seat has been filled.

What That Means for You

How does early retirement on an island sound? Okay, we can’t promise you everything. But here are some of the benefits of working with us.

Hire Long-Term Leaders Who Make an Impact

You’re inventing breakthrough technologies that will fundamentally change your industry. That doesn’t happen overnight. We’re invested in finding you top-tier leaders who are in it for the long haul and who will make a lasting impact on your organization and the world.


Save Time

By understanding your corporate culture, we save you time on countless resume reviews. We present candidates who will dovetail with your culture and will know how to lead your organization.


Foster a Culture of Inclusivity

By soliciting employee feedback on the search criteria and company culture, you give your employees a voice and foster a culture of inclusivity. At the same time, you tap into the collective intelligence of your organization, surfacing meaningful insights about your company.

Receive Unrivaled Service

You have our undivided attention. With fewer concurrent searches, deep industry knowledge, access to a vast network of key executives, and decades of experience, our senior consultants ensure that every step is handled with white-glove service.

Reduce Long-Term Search Costs

We don’t just find the right candidates; we help set them up for success after they’re hired, reducing turnover among your senior ranks.

Stand Out

Give your talent a first-rate experience and stand out from your competition. Differentiation comes from caring about your candidates’ long-term integration and success — 
not just filling a seat.

I love getting this feedback before the search kicks off. It is a gut check to the hiring manager as they conceive the job description and identify the true success factors.

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Our People

We’re a team of executive search veterans, savvy entrepreneurs, and visionary technologists who work tirelessly to help our clients scale, grow, and succeed.
Services Team

Janet Stafford

CEO & Co-Founder
Janet founded Alioth to make a difference–not only in the way executive search is conducted, but also to help life sciences companies find leaders who will change the world. Prior to Alioth, Janet led talent acquisition teams at a variety of companies, including Red Hat, Biogen, and Marsh. Outside of work, she enjoys playing classical music, high-performance driving, and spending time with her family, including her Boston Terrier.

Holly Wittenberg

VP of Life Sciences Executive Search
Holly is a veteran of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, bringing over twenty years of experience. Prior to leading the Life Sciences practice executive search team at Alioth, she held retained search and talent acquisition positions at ON Partners, Biogen, and Kaye/Bassman. She lives and boxes in Plano, Texas with her soccer-playing husband and two tumbling sons. In addition, Holly is a certified Image Consultant with AICI.

Hank Stringer

Executive Search Consultant & Co-Founder
Hank brings global executive search and staff recruiting experience to Alioth. In addition, he founded Hire.com, a pioneering SaaS internet recruiting technology that was acquired by Authoria in 2006. And he co-authored Talent Force: A New Manifesto for the Human Side of Business with Rusty Rueff, who previously served as the EVP of Human Resources at Electronic Arts and a Founding Board Member of Glassdoor.

Tim Judge

Associate Vice President, Executive Recruiter - Life Sciences
Tim is a seasoned executive search consultant in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Prior to joining Alioth as the Associate Vice President of Life Sciences Executive Search, he held senior positions at Korn/Ferry and Bausch & Lomb and was a sales leader in the pharmaceutical industry. In his spare time, Tim is an avid supporter of Washington Huskies football and enjoys spending time with his wife and two grown children.

Lisa Samuel

Executive Sourcing Partner
Lisa brings over fifteen years of recruiting experience in the life sciences and health care industries. She joined Alioth because she wanted to be a part of a unique, focused, and client-centric recruiting environment. Previously, Lisa held positions at Spark Therapeutics, Biogen, and the Higgins Group. Wellness permeates every facet of her life. She is a yoga instructor, a competitor in dressage, and an avid tennis player.

Emily Clinton

Executive Search Assistant
As an executive search assistant, Emily draws on her experience in human resources management and organizational leadership. Prior to joining Alioth, she worked in the HR department at Red Hat. She’s a recent graduate of Illinois State, and in her spare time, she loves kickboxing and spending time with her family.
Product Team

Henry Nothhaft, Jr.

President, Chief Product & Marketing Officer
Henry is a serial entrepreneur, bringing over 18 years of SaaS product management and marketing leadership at companies like WebEx, Cisco, and Clear Labs. He was an entrepreneur-in-residence at SRI International, which led him to found the software company Trapit. Between parenting a kindergartener and building a company, there's not a whole lot of time left for personal pursuits. But you might find him reading a book, improving his physical strength and endurance or cooking. Often two of those at once.

Tommy Ziemer

VP of Engineering
A proven engineering leader and a trained mediator, Tommy is an expert at gaining customers’ trust and shepherding innovative products from concept to launch, adoption, and scale. Most recently, he was the Head of Product Management at ScribbleLive, which acquired the software company Trapit. Outside of work, he is an all-purpose jungle gym to two toddlers and enjoys exploring the versatility of the book Green Eggs and Ham.

Luke Arno

Chief Architect
Luke is an engineering savant. Whether it’s machine learning, artificial intelligence, or systems architecture—you name it, Luke can do it. He joined the Alioth team because he could see that executive search was ripe for a technological transformation and wanted to be at the forefront. Other than programming and leading engineering teams, he enjoys yoga, meditation, and playing guitar. But most of all, he loves playing with his son.

Justin Paluch

Head of Design
At Alioth, Justin’s work encapsulates all things visual: brand creative, web design, and product design, and he’s excited to help a young startup establish itself in the industry. Throughout his professional career, he has worked on both consumer products like MapQuest and Walmart eCommerce and enterprise products like NurseGrid and Trapit. During his free time, he likes to dabble in cooking, winemaking, and video games. Oh, and he is starting to dip his toe into woodworking.

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