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The biggest challenge for organizations today is attracting, hiring, and engaging the right talent that will help your organization thrive. That requires leaders to build and maintain their cultures with awareness and intent.

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Lead with Confidence

It is difficult to uncover knowledge and insights from deep within your organization. Often, you have to rely on anecdotes and instinct.  Alioth Exploration removes the guesswork.

Our platform uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to align talent with culture and culture with strategy.  It taps into the collective wisdom of your company, uncovers insights about cultural strengths and opportunities, and creates a blueprint to maximize your company’s performance.

Build winning leadership teams and organizations
Foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace
Ensure alignment up, down, and across the organization
Surface and mitigate nascent issues before they become large-scale problems
Thrive during moments of disruption
Hire and retain the right talent

Diagnostics That Drive Action

Our platform allows you to understand and analyze the factors driving your team’s culture. It takes a realistic assessment of your organization across the following performance areas so that you can meet the demands of the future.

Leadership Effectiveness

Assess your leadership team’s performance, and evaluate the processes by which people work together.

Organizational Alignment

Drive alignment up, down, and across the company in support of your organization’s common purpose.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

Challenge your assumptions, discover unexpected talent pools, and identify the right leaders who will thrive in their roles at your organization.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Creating diverse, equitable, inclusive organizations yield greater profitability, innovation, and smarter teams.

Organizational Resilience

The world is full of volatility. Managing disruption and maintaining an organization’s competitive edge are imperatives of every leadership team.

Questions Exploration Can Answer

  • Are leaders effectively modeling the behaviors, norms, and values of our organization?
  • To what degree is our organization aligned around a shared vision, strategy, and plan?
  • How do we create equitable opportunities for growth and advancement?
  • How can our company become more attractive to top candidates?
  • How well does our leadership communicate our vision and strategy?
  • Do we have a realistic perspective of the biggest challenges for our organization?
  • Why are our DE&I efforts not having the desired impact on the organization?
  • Why do talent searches fail to fill key roles?
  • What will it take to make new executives successful in their roles?
  • And more

Our Solutions

Culture Assessment

Helps you understand the forces shaping your culture paired with recommendations for immediate next steps as well as longer-term initiatives.  Your report also serves as your cultural baseline allowing you to track how culture evolves over time.  

Culture Profile

Company Resilience & COVID-19

Organizational Alignment

Leadership Effectiveness

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Talent Acquisition Optimization

Applies insights to improve your overall talent acquisition process and candidate experience, inform search strategy for individual positions and align your organization in support of newly hired employees.

Employer Brand Assessment

360 Candidate Profile

Employer and Position Marketing Collateral

Recruitment Strategy & Interview and Evaluation Plan


Our Process

We want to help you achieve sustainable success by building the right culture for your business. Alioth Exploration uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to help you collect, analyze, and interpret millions of data points about your organization, both quantitative and qualitative.

Here’s how the process works.

1. Consultation

2. Customization

3. Data Collection

4. AI-Powered Analysis

5. Insights and Recommendations

6. Debriefing

The Diagnostics behind What’s Next

Innovative diagnostics for innovative companies

High Impact, Low Effort

Complete the entire process in as little three weeks with minimal active time spent

Predictable and Affordable

Flat fee—no subscriptions, no long-term contracts

No Upsells, No Consultants

Insights, recommendations and counsel included

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“If you want to have your finger on the pulse of your organization, Alioth Exploration is the best method. It uncovers themes, sentiments, and insights that no other platform can uncover. It is vital for any HR team, and I find myself using the insights in every aspect of my job.”
Kate Rushton

Kate Rushton

Director, Talent Acquisition & HRBP, Rubius Therapeutics

Rubius Therapeutics

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