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Innovation Starts Here

You’re creating the most important breakthroughs of the 21st century, and with that come countless variables that seem out of your control.

Talent uncertainty does not have to be an uncontrollable variable.

You can find the right leaders for your company, and we are here to help. We aren’t merely filling seats; we partner with you to build teams that shape the future.

Alioth helps you assess potential leadership hires for cultural fit.

A Different Experience

Hire Long-Term Leaders Who Make an Impact

You’re inventing breakthrough technologies that will fundamentally change your industry. That doesn’t happen overnight. We’re invested in finding you top-tier candidates who will make a lasting impact on your organization and the world.

Save Time

By understanding your corporate culture and distilling the profile of a successful candidate, we save you time on countless resume reviews. We present candidates who will dovetail with your culture and will know how to lead your organization.

Receive Unrivaled Service

You have our undivided attention. With fewer concurrent searches, deep industry knowledge, access to a vast network of key executives, and decades of experience, our tenured consultants ensure that every step is handled with white-glove service.

Reduce Long-Term Search Costs

We don’t just find the right candidates; we help set them up for success after they’re hired, reducing turnover at your company.

Stand Out

Give your talent a first-rate experience and stand out from your competition. Differentiation comes from caring about your candidates’ long-term integration and success—not just filling a seat.

Two-Year Guarantee

We have a two-year guarantee for new executive hires when you use our organizational diagnostics platform in conjunction with your search—at no additional cost. That’s how powerful the insights from our platform are.

Our Services

We want to help you find the people who will usher in new possibilities in the life sciences and technology industries.

Executive Search

We help you hire the executives who’ll catalyze what’s next—executives with vision, with purpose, and with gumption.

We don’t want to simply fill your open positions; we want to match you with the right executive who will effect long-term impact.

To achieve that goal, we’ve developed a unique search process that is tailored to your company, your market, your culture, and the open position. And Alioth Exploration, our proprietary platform, helps you hire the right people by using data and providing you with insights about your talent acquisition process.

We work with you on building a hiring plan from start to finish. That includes everything from understanding your organizational culture to helping craft a job description to sourcing candidates to offering interviewing strategies to building success plans for your new executive.

Even after you’ve found the right candidate and signed the contract, our work is not over. We continue to check in because we care about your new executive’s integration.

Strategic Talent Acquisition

In addition to executive search, we partner with you on your strategic talent acquisition initiatives because shaping the future requires great leaders throughout the org chart.

Whether you are looking for a key hire at a startup or hiring for mid-to-senior-level management roles at a large enterprise, we are ready to help.

The best part: We bring the same white-glove service of executive search to your strategic hiring initiatives—for a fraction of the cost.

That includes access to the same executive search consultants, the same high-touch search process, and the same technology platform.

Our Practices

Our practice leaders bring substantial recruiting expertise from within the life sciences and technology industries.

In addition to their proven track records as executive recruiters, our consultants have held internal leadership roles. They’ve been in your shoes and understand how to build high-performing teams in highly technical and regulated spaces.

Life Sciences


Our Functional Areas

Whether you’re in technology or life sciences, at a startup or an enterprise, in need of executive search or strategic talent acquisition, we have a track record of recruiting across all functional areas, including:

Our Mission: Align Talent with Culture

Too often culture is often an afterthought in talent acquisition, when it should be at the forefront.

Candidates can look great on paper, but unless their values, nuanced experience, and working styles complement those of your organization, they can be quick to depart, costing your company severely. In fact, over two-thirds of new hire failures at the senior leadership levels are the result of a lack of culture fit.

That’s why we take time to understand not only the needs and requirements for each role, but also the cultural texture of your organization.

And we do that by combining the art and science of executive search.

The Art

Each of our executive search consultants draws on over 20 years of experience in the life sciences and technology industries. They have seen how the best companies transform industries and enrich lives, and they want to help you do the same.

The Science

You wouldn’t conduct an important experiment without structure and data to support your process.

The same should be true of your searches. That’s why we built Exploration, a technology platform that uses data science to help shape and optimize the talent acquisition lifecycle, and we’re the only ones doing it.

Organizational Diagnostics

See What Culture Can Do for You

Whether you’re searching for a new CFO or making a key technical hire, our organizational diagnostics platform uses data-driven insights to help you refine your search process.

Your Alioth Team

Janet Stafford

Janet Stafford

CEO & Co-Founder

Holly Wittenberg

Holly Wittenberg

VP of Life Sciences Executive Search

Tim Judge

Tim Judge

AVP of Life Sciences Executive Search

Karen Halkovic

Karen Halkovic

Executive Search Recruiter

Lisa Samuel

Lisa Samuel

Executive Sourcing Partner

Emily Clinton

Emily Clinton

Executive Search Assistant

Henry Nothhaft, Jr.

Henry Nothhaft, Jr.

President, Chief Product & Marketing Officer

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